We Wanted to have some chalk fun too!

What We are About!​​
  We are a group of artists and event planners who proposed an idea to create a chalk art/street painting festival. We are working in collaboration with Visions of the Wild.  We will have our event take place in downtown Vallejo. 

Chalk artists/street painters, from master artists to youth and families, will transform the pavement into a collection of vibrant, colorful, large scale images.  These designs will include images reflective of Visions of the Wild - Wild & Scenic theme. 

Brief History
Artists applying images to pavement dates back to 16th century Italy. 

Fiera delle Grazie's chalk painting festival in  Curtatone, Italy is now in its 45th year--this festival is considered the most prestigious in the world.  It is a 5-day event with over 200 participating artists from various countries around the globe.  This event attracts approximately hundred thousand visitors each year. 

I Madonnari Italian Street Painting Festival in Santa Barbara, CA is the oldest chalk art festival outside of Europe. It has been going strong since 1987, attracting more than 100 artists and thousands of visitors each year.  

More recently the art form has emerged in the United States beginning in the late 1980’s.  Today large multi chalk art/street painting festivals take place in cities and towns across our nation and the world. These festivals are abundant in the Bay Area including of Napa,  Martinez, San Rafael, and San Jose.​  

Why Chalk, Why on Pavement?

Get the public excited!

Public engagement is a key component of chalk art festivals. The community can come out and see art being made and artists can demonstrate their process from beginning to end.  This, contrast to viewing a finished product in a studio. Artists benefit from these festivals by being provided space to showcase their work to the public.

The Chalk Art Festival Vallejo will be in its second year. Professionals and amateurs of all ages, teams of artists from schools and youth organizations are encouraged to participate.  Chalk and other supplies will be provided complimentary to participants. 

The festival will be supported through in-kind donations, sponsorship from local and regional businesses.  A portion of the festival proceeds will go to support young artists within the community.

It is our intent to showcase local, regional, and national artistic talent. Our focus is to support youth art education and bringing culture, community and creativity to our beautiful downtown.   
Meet The Team
  1. Rita Iravani
    Project Coordinator 707 695-2270 [email protected]
  2. Rick Weyrich
    Volunteer Coordinator 415 702-5021 [email protected]
  3. Hector Badillo
    Art Coordinator 707 205-0455 [email protected]
  4. Chris "Trojan" Trujillo
    Web Designer / Illustrator 707 655-1447 [email protected]
  5. Robin Gross
    Marketing Coordinator 707 853-5655 [email protected]