Chalk Art Festival Vallejo 2017 Artists

Event Dates: September 8th-10th

Theme: Changing Landscapes
The Artists
  1. Rebirth
    Sponsor: Honore and Thom McIlhattan
    Artist: Nicholas Vicente
  2. Before My Eye
    Sponsor: VCAF
    Artist: Sarah Douglas Assistant: Alex Hoyt
  3. Untitled
    MIT Student
    Artist: Montel Parker
  4. "Arboreal Offic"e by Rob Gonsalves
    Sponsor: Vice Mayor Robert McConnell
    Artist: Nicole Ginocchio
  5. Diminishing
    Sponsor: Jen Tough Gallery
    Artist: Desiree Castaneda
  6. Untitled
    Student Artist
    Artist: Emma Satry
  7. Make Way
    Sponsor: Vallejo 1st Corp.
    Artist: Justin Preyer
  8. Breaching Humphrey
    Sponsor: CCRC
    Artist: April Lelia
  9. Landscapes on a slide
    Sponsor: City of Vallejo
    Artist: Oscar Lugo Assistant: Celeste Perez
  10. The Wait
    Sponsor: Gracie's
    Artist: Chris "Trojan" Trujillo
  11. Greasy Knuckles
    Sponsor: Chalk Art Festival Vallejo
    Artist: Trish Luna
  12. Lion King Landscapes
    Student Artist
    Artist: Bosa Olotu